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Queerness in my Home

Well currently I’ve decorated for virtual Pride so we have more bunting than usual. Usually though we have a couple of pride flags on various shelves tucked into ornaments. I have a whole lot of stickers on my computer saying such intellectual things as “Spill the Tea”, ” Reading is Fundamental” and “Miss Vanjie”. I … Read More

Queer People of the Future

I mean, I’ve said to a lot of Younger Millenials, Zoomers and whatever we’re calling the generation between them…there is one right? No? Just Millenials and then Zoomers and because I’m only just a Millenial I think that there seems like there’s another one? Right, gotcha. Anyway I’ve said that I hope they get to … Read More

Queer Art

I originally thought I wanted to share something contemporary. Raise the profile of someone currently creating. But the thing is, I love Art, I love Art History, that hasn’t changed since I was eighteen, well it might have deepened somewhat. There’s a period I have loved since I did my A Level personal project on … Read More