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Different XP

In roleplaying XP is shorthand for Experience Points. They’re points that you get for doing things in the game and that you can spend on making your character better at things. Had a conversation today about the way being born into a capitalist society is like being dropped into a game in which money is … Read More

En Francaise

Ma abilitee en francaise devrait etre meillure que ca. D’accord. Je dois l’utiliser plus souvent. Le Lundi es la jour du francaise! Ma blog sera en francaise, les lundis, a partir de maintenant. Preparer-vous pour a l’ecriture terrible! Aujord’hui j’ai en rhume et j’ai passent la journee dans la lit ou sur la sofa. C’etait … Read More

My Three Favourite Words

My favourite words don’t have especially fantastic deep and meaningful reasons behind them. I just like the way they feel in my mouth. Versipellis – It means werewolf in latin. Well, actually it means skin-changer I think but it was easily the most exciting word that the beloved Cambridge Latin Course ever taught me. It’s … Read More