I don’t believe I ever enjoyed birthdays as much before moved into this house with FFG,Giggles and the Orange. Thats all birthdays not just my own. I’ve just spent the morning decorating the living room for Giggles’ birthday and most of yesterday baking. And its so much fun!

I think its the secrecy, the sneaking around with blu-tac and banners trying not to wake the sleeper in the next room and alert her to the fact theres something going on. Of course she knows already so the surprise element is gone but it’s still exciting. Theres certainly an element of childishness in my glee at sneaking around the house with streamers before everyone else gets up…or is it pyromania in the case of the candles?

I just wish I wasn’t going to the Role-Playing Nationals so early today, I won’t get to see her opening her presents…so I’ve left my bear factory bear with my camera. Another birthday tradition of sorts, we’ve all had them for our birthdays and they are such fine bears.FFG has a bear in a suit with half moon glasses and the Orange, or should I say the Yellow Dart, has one in a cape and superheo costume, mine has a passport and bunny slippers :).

I love birthdays!

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