LSD in the drinking water

People, people everywhere,
And not a one can think…

When people demand ‘What is wrong with young people today?’ they are asking the wrong question. The question is admittedly only out by two words: ‘What is wrong with people?’

The answer: Apathy. The population of Britain does not vote, it doesn’t see the point, most people can’t be bothered with university, we’d mostly just rather not…rather not pretty much anything.

So why?

We’re all bloody thick! We can’t use our little grey cells. We can’t apply our knowledge of the world around us to the lifes we lead. None of us can. None of us understands early enough, if ever that we are being taught, not because our teachers are trying to help themselves but because we need all the knowledge we can acquire to get us through this huge mess of conciousnesses that’s labelled life.

People just sit. They can’t imagine doing anything else. They sit and let themselves be chipped and tagged by people ho think and want to keep the rest of us as sheep because we’re easier that way.

Sit and let all of this be done, sit and watch the news as the towers come down everywhere around you, sit and drink in whatever they feed to you in all its censored crusading glory: sit and you might as well be dead. So open your vegetable brains and think. Learn to use the grey matter, fill it with anything that comes to hand, in this world approaching appocalypse you don’t know what might help. Learn everything they offer you, take everything you can absorb.

Or just sit at the back of the class and pass notes, when the bomb drops, when they march, when the it that your all waiting for happens…then I hope you’ve got your bedroom door at 45 degrees against your bedroom wall just like they told you. If you do what they tell you then maybe you’ll keep all your hair. Maybe they’ll think your pure enough to be breeding stock. Don’t be so fucking stupid!


Can somebody, anybody please tell these children they need to think, if they ever stop then they’ll die. All the terrible ‘they’s’ out here, all the worst conspiracies which are coming true in front of our eyes, they won’t just get you…you’ll be an unknowing, ignorant part of them.

People stop thinking at an early age. Then they just keep going around in circles, nothing breaks them out of their pattern of un-thinking. The Dealer I stayed with in New Orleans reckoned that all you had to do to break people out of their non-perception was to drop LSD in the drinking water reservoirs.

Its got to be done. Wheres the Confused Highwayman when you need him?

We have to break out of our apathy and if I have to do it forcebly then by Gods I will. THINK DAMN YOU THINK! Don’t let yourselves be used as sheep! It’s what the big evil ‘they’ want!

4 thoughts on “LSD in the drinking water

  1. You want them to learn that lesson? Then that’s your secret objective for next lesson plan. Change the rules on them. Drop the mental equivalent of mind-expanding drugs on them. Shock tactics take creativity and can backfire spectacularly, but they will definitely get the kids’ attention. And if you want them to think, then you have to make them believe that their opinions and thoughts are valued and actually mean something. Sorry; more questions than answers I know…

    And at this point, I ask you to rewind to your own school days; I know mine revolved at least as much around the playground antics as the lessons, and I was one of the studious ones! I don’t know about art, but the general classroom culture is one of passive acceptance on the part of the students; they let the teacher set the agenda and react to it a propos of nothing very much… Of course, the playground’s dog-eat-dog culture is pulled into those reactions…

    I can’t even begin to tell you how to react to their BS; my personal solution is usually a combination of ‘let me in on the joke’ and glacial ‘we are not amused’ but everyone has their own way of dealing with it…

    Enjoy the Easter break!

  2. Ever taken LSD? As CH will tell you – a bad trip can break you open and leave you gibbering.

    Not that this is a /bad/ thing, but, you’d need therapy centres afterward to let most people put their psyche’s back together.

    Know yer substance, know yer dose, as they say. DMT is much better for this anyway – trips are shorter but incredibly potent. Plus, it appears as if death produces a DMT analogue in the last moments of life.

    And anyway, thought you were against drink spiking? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I’ll spike their bloody drinks, do anything legal or otherwise to get the rest of the world to realise what a mind-expanding crazy trip were all in on.
    I don’t care if it breaks ’em just let them stop their SHEEPness….

  4. Hmmm….Anything…big word. Welcome to the world of Ontological Anarchy and Memetic Warfare, Mish.

    When you have a moment, and I am aware you have very few lately, take a look at

    Folk are trying to make peopleTM think. Illuminatus! is just the tip of the iceberg.

    As the Invisibles says: ‘We lied. This isn’t a war. It’s a rescue mission’

    ‘The Dalang is a very clever man. He makes us think there is a great war between opposing forces (demonstrated through a shadow-play) but there is only the Dalang. He is the principal motivator for both sides. So what’s the goal?’

    Be seein’ you, Mish ๐Ÿ™‚

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