I had a good weekend

Got to school and Wonderwoman’s first comment to me was, ‘You had a good weekend didn’t you?’…it was, admittedly a reaction based largely on my eyes, which were the size of golf balls this morning and oozing horribly (my hayfever has attacked with ferocity!) Now, her reasoning was faulty but I did have a damn good weekend; any weekend when I can legitimately run across a courtyard shouting ‘My Vagina’ for the Goddess in Pigtails to turn around and say ‘Oh hey Mish, yeah this is your fanny. It really goes with my bathroom colour scheme.’

I mean, how cool is that?

I should explain that she was holding a vagina sculpture of mine and carrying it out of the Dark Place (where apparently it had spent the night!)
Anyway I had such a good time at the dark place, I felt so happy and snuggly, it was as though, I don’t know, you know I don’t think I can explain how my happiness felt.

The Cthulhu was brilliant, I can’t believe Spike was the only one to survive after sitting in a corner grouching all night. But I won’t blog about the Cthulhu as that would bore people who don’t play.

Hurrah Adam says if Vicky agrees I can cast him! In plaster!

5 thoughts on “I had a good weekend

  1. You were at the Dark Place?

    This is totally weird, I now know of three people who were at the Dark Place whom I did not see once during the night.

    Was there some kind of weird, temporal displacement thing going on?

  2. It’s not as if I was only stood in one place either, I wandered around all over, and you said you were dancing too, I didn’t see you once on the dance floor.

    Very strange.

  3. I like to dance…I remember dancing to The Darkness and some stuff that was on either side of them…

  4. I remember the Darkness playing because I was talking to a friend about how weird it’s all become now that we’re not the kids anymore.
    I remember dancing in nightclubs at 13 to Metallica, and thinking all the 20 year old people were amazingly cool, now I’m 22 and I’m thinking "I’m not one of the kids anymore".
    It’s weird, I feel somehow, unimportant now. When I was a teenager it felt like the whole world revolved around me. I think it’s because most of our culture seems to be based on children being the most vital part of it, them being the future and all. now that I am the future, I feel thoroughly unimportant and kind of, out of place.
    Ahem, sorry, I have some issues.

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