Sometimes you think about things. And you think ‘what if’, because you can’t help thinking ‘what if’; we’re human, every human endeavor is built on at least one ‘what if’.

And there are so many, but sometimes the best what ifs are the posibilities that were meant o be just that, possibilities. They are their most beautiful when they are possibilities, all they were ever meant to be.

And it’s as though the times you spend in your head are the ‘what if’s’ dances. All the glorious possibilities laid out before you and some you’ll do and some are meant only to be beautiful possibiles, delicate ‘what if’s.

2 thoughts on “Possibilities

  1. I occaisionally think What If thoughts, but they always tend to reach the same place in the end: That, if I had the opportunity to retake one of the What If choices that have cropped up in my life, I wouldn’t change a damn thing.
    I think it’s a sign of being in a good place when one can think this, when it’s unlikely that you could have worked your life overall for the better any other way.


    ps. Further to last night’s conversation with The Yellow Dart et alii, if Joss Whedon is directing our lives, I am so screwed.

  2. Possibilities are fun but I like my life too much as is to really really want a past what if to happen…if as you say Mr. Wheedon is directing are lives then we are both soooo screwed.

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