Wild Ramen

Teaching Good King Wenceslas to adults has occaisionally pained me. Today though I reap my reward. They know the words…kinda!

In the Japanese language there is no ‘la’ sound, instead it is ‘ra’ which makes things a little difficult at times.

Today the thought was possitted that the page and monarch were going forth through ‘The rude winds wild ramen’ and I giggled a lot. The image of wild noodles hanging from the trees in the Black Forest somehow really appeals to me!

In other news January has come early. My sleep patterns are disrupted.

3 thoughts on “Wild Ramen

  1. Well, given that Wenceslas is an anglicization of Vaclav! (I don’t know how it got there either.) I guess anyone murdering the pronunciation has a perfect right to. đŸ˜‰

  2. I’d guess Vaclav conflated with Wladislaw. Spelling errors and punctuation shifts can easily do the rest.

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