So turns out today I managed to land another teacher in the shit. Entirely by accident.

So yesterday wasn’t a holiday…there was supposed to be one teacher in to man the school, and me. The other teacher thought that she’d be the only one in and so decided not to bother going in until half past three in the afternoon to open up for the sports clubs. Now technically she was supposed to open up at eight am…

When I asked the Jedi why he’d told me to go into school yesterday when it wasn’t open he asked what time I’d gone in, how long I’d waited and what the BOE man had told me…And then the deputy head came up. Aparently when I’d gone to the BOE man he decided to do a little experiment after telling me to go home, he went up to school to see when it was opened, several times yesterday. The deputy head wanted confirmation that I hadn’t been able to get to my desk…which I had to give and then the Jedi explained matters to me.

I feel a bit guilty, I mean if I’d thought I could probably have worked out what was going on. It wouldn’t have caught me up on the photocopying or other things I needed to do yesterday but I do feel a bit bad for the other teacher. Aparently she got totally hauled over the coals for it.

I wish they’d told her I was supposed to be in as well…either she’d not have done it or she’d have told me to come in late…even better I wish they’d give me some keys to the school given that all the other teachers have them.

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