Job Hunting

I had forgotten quite how depressing it is to hunt for jobs. Wandering around town and leaving my CV everywhere is really only exceeding in depressingness by sending off applications into that void that is the internet.

What I really want is some quiet little secretarial or office job, just something where I type up letters all day and thats it. Nothing complicated, just simple work that I get paid for. I’ve kind of given up on the teaching thing, for this academic year at least. I’ve emailed a load of schools my CV with some sort of hope that I can somehow get directly employed but it’s unlikely.

I suppose I should try sales. I might if I manage to pass my driving test but the sheer thought of running a car whilst I’m in minus-money terrifies me. I don’t relish the idea of selling things either. But the fact of the matter is I do need a job. It bothers me no end that I was more consistently employed whilst I was in education than I am now.

I’m officially a sponge according to the state and should be living off my Gentleman Friend. This was all well and good whilst I was expecting to get something permanent this term… but its really getting to me now. I got another letter from my credit card company telling me that they’ve shrunk my credit limit, not hugely surprising but still depressing. Last year I was an independant woman with a job, debts cleared (apart from the Student Loans Company) and I was confident that this situation was going to continue. This year I get to be a dependant woman (it would either be on my boyfriends, on my parents or on the state and is not something I relish in any case) with very few job prospects. All the work experience I have done since I was fourteen has been geared towards teaching. I’ve worked in Boots, for BMW, as a receptionist, as a life model and as an artist but never for very long, mostly as Saturday jobs and gaining few skills I can actually put on my CV. Now that there are very few openings for teachers available I’m kind of stuck.

Just like everyone else and I’m pretty much out of ideas.

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3 thoughts on “Job Hunting

  1. Wish I’d have some good suggestions to give. From what I’ve seen, it’s pretty much only the care agencies that have a shortage of people (especially judging from the carers I’ve seen) and I don’t think I’ll recommend that as an option until you get really desperate.

  2. Thanks Nordic Lady! To be honest my capabilities at carework are really rubbish so it would take a lot before I seriously considered that as an option.

  3. If you’re after pretty much anything to keep the pennies coming in, bear in mind that with your non-student purple card comes the ability to get access to the LUSU job shop and get their alerts on bits and pieces that may be available.

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