Wonderful Life!

The lovely Last NS is coming to Lancaster next weekend! Fantabulousness and wonderfulosity all wrapped up in one!

11 thoughts on “Wonderful Life!

  1. I’ve booked the train, but given that it’s the bit of track with the off-the-rails train I’m guessing it will be bus replacement service…

  2. And in case you can’t tell, I’m really very excited about seeing you again. :squeee!!!:

    (and I’ve already had to convince H that waving smellies under your nose next weekend is probably A Bad Idea, TM)


    Can you tell I’m just as excited?

    Also… I have NEVER managed to make you blush honey.

  4. Really? Ah well. It’s always good to have something to aim for, no? 😉

    As for smellies, I distinctly remember an asthma attack last time we tried…

  5. It was great fun, just felt a little insensitive of us to let you leave the room and keep dabbing each other and anyone else in sight with smellies…

    Remind me – BPAL brings out your asthma and you’ve not had great luck with Lush stuff either, right?

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