Just Occaisionally

I like to pretend that I have a modicum of self-awareness, of course every so often this pretence collides head on with the reality that I don’t have a clue about myself or my actions or how any of these may be percieved by… well, lets say ‘real people’ who actually pay attention to the world around them.

I can’t work out whether it’s the compartmentalisation thing that my head does, or the fact that I’m almost totally self-absorbed or whether I just don’t stop to think that means that I look back on things which seemed a really great idea at the time and think… ‘oh… no… really bad idea actually’.

Sometimes I think I’m actually pretty original. Days like today I seem like a poor imitation.

In other, more exciting news, seems like all I need to orgasm is my skin and some touching. This may not come as news to some of you, but we’ve already covered my lack of self-awareness.

4 thoughts on “Just Occaisionally

  1. (Don’t hit me!)

    I think its the fact that you live in the present but without being focused on the present, except in certain situations (off the top of my head things like writing, reading, roleplaying, magicking or nudge-nudge-wink-winking).

    Although mostly this seems to apply to lots of little things as opposed to important things, but still, more brain in the here-and-now when it comes to things like your keys 🙂

  2. Well not really certain situations, more any situation you can actually spend time concentrating on.

    Hmm, I appear to be making a hash of explaining this.

  3. I’m not very focused at the moment true, and it does seem to be getting worse. My short-term memory right now is utterly dreadful.

  4. "That’s why the bottle didn’t slice. My mind and my spirit are goin’ north and south."

    Wang Chi, in Big Trouble in Little China (1986).

    "Awaken. See. Act."

    Runarmal-I, The Runa Talks.

    The Quest for the Graal is damn hard work, for the tests are severe. The seeds you hold in potentia are hale and hearty. Guard them, and nurture them, and see what unfolds.

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