Christmas Eve

My back is killing me. Same old injury, same old aggravation and I chose to go shopping today. The word you are looking for is idiot.

I’m formulating my new years resolutions and listening to the three tenors as I cook up all the leftovers. I don’t think that I can feel happier than when I’m making things and especially making things for other people. Yet I’m still precious over certain artworks. I am enjoying the fact that I’m not going to be home this year, this is my Yuletide and I’m making it happen my way… it’s not exactly how it should be but I have high hopes for New Year.

On the subject of New Year, my birthday is the 6th of January. On the 4th my Jellicle Cat and I shall be going out for a meal (barring unforseen circumstances) my birthday party involving the rest of you guys shall be on the 12th. If you think you should be invited you probably are… there may well be mixed sets of … instructions… for the main part however, and if you just fancy turning up on the offchance it will be themed (this means fancy dress but you can choose from EXTREME to minimal) – if you recieve no other instruction from me think generic Victorian afternoon tea. The party will begin in the afternoon with the intention of us retiring to the Dark Side of the Lune afterwards. Turn up whenever. I’m intending this party to be a little bit different.

Yes, this year, I’m going to get somewhere.

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