Woke up this morning and felt, not better exactly but certainly more myself. I’m putting this down to a combination of gardening and reading Joyce Grenfell’s biography.

Feeling miserable is probably something pretty inevitable when it comes to having been unemployed for this long – it’s been pointed out that I’ve been employed since I came back from Japan and it is true, Life Modelling in Runcorn and two teaching jobs as well as several bits and pieces of supply teaching here and there. However, there is a part of me that can’t seem to count the bits and pieces as real work, well, they aren’t.

The thing is though, I have all that I need at my fingertips, I know how to do this, and theres no point in sinking into crap.

Right. Lets get on with this. Ta very much Joyce.

2 thoughts on “Joyce

  1. Though it’s probably not going to make you feel any better, I’m at the opposite side of things (which reminds me, my employer asked you to send in your details, CV etc, as they don’t know yet what they will need in the short and medium-term in the way of staff). I felt good over Xmas for the first time in ages because I had time off, but I got back to feeling bad as soon as I had to get back to work. I know that maybe some people would not be affected by the things that are stressing me out, but I just find it increasingly difficult to deal with it. Maybe having worked for the same company for nearly a decade has something to do with it.

    It’s hard, but try to look at the good things that you do have. I know I’m trying to, though I’m not necessarily successful.

  2. Hey Nordic Lady, glad to see you commenting! Haven’t seen you for a while. Can you mail me the email address or whatever I should send my CV into?

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