Yahtzee – I love you!

I can’t help it, I am one of those women Yahtzee would really rather didn’t email him, ever!

I am not a gamer, I play games once a year or compulsively in the very select case of Zelda. I have no reason for liking Yahtzee, I don’t know about half these games until he reviews them and in most cases I have very little desire to play them afterwards (some I really want to, like Half-Life, though I will probably not be arsed).

I do not know why I like Yahtzee except that there is a part of my brain saying ‘this guy is so COOL’ and also (when I’m on my period) ‘I want to have his children. Stat.’

I am a compulsive Zero Punctuation watcher.

I want his children. Stat. (Yes…)

I would do anything he told me.

Gods I need to watch that again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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