Good Weekend

Overall a good weekend, apart from the bit where they said I can’t hire cars.

Friday me and Foo stayed in to watch films. I want Candy was really good, but then I quite enjoyed Day Watch as well. Saturday was spent lazily, too much so given the artwork I’m not letting myself do during the week. Despite having been told (finally) that I’m not actually ill I ended up feeling exhausted for no reason by Saturday evening so I copped out and stayed in in front of various murder mysteries (no CSI alas). Discovered that not only are my cousin and Grandma getting published this year but my Uncle Andrew is hoping to become a writer after doing a corespondance course…I feel like I come from such an artistic family sometimes! And this is after my Grandma became featured on local radio!!

Sunday I cleaned, I meant to clean more but THE PRINCESS TURNED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She took me to lunch and brought a huuuuuuuuuge hamper of food which I ended up inviting FJ and Lexy over to eat. Nom nom nom nom nom. (I think FJ’s getting to me). She claimed it was because she didn’t get me anything for my birthday so she had declared it Mishday. I won’t run over the list of games we played on Sunday, but only because they would mean sod all to anyone here and because they make me sound about six. In fact we acted like we were about six all day, well, me six and she four. Such good fun.

I drink too fast.

Today she vanished into the ether after buying me another lunch. I kinda wish I had a car and a job so I could do that to her. Only, what I really want is for my art to pay. I think it will.

Went along to the rehersal for the Non-Poncey Goth’s latest play. It’s pretty funny, about a group of Goths including a roleplayer playing Vampire who meet a group of Vampires. I’m in two minds about reccomending it to LURPs, but only because I knowwhat some people think of the N-PG there. I would like to see what some of them would make of the play, meh, I shall think about it.

3 thoughts on “Good Weekend

  1. I actually quite like the NPG. I was just kinda dismayed about what he had to say about lurps on facebook. I’d be interested to see the play if I could afford it. I’d just hope it wasn’t going to be another public arena in which to paint roleplayers are being stupid and pathetic. Given that you’re half inclined to recommend it, I’m guessing it isn’t that.

  2. Given that you play Vampire Erfie I’d be interested to see what you made of it. But then our reactions to writers do tend to be quite divergent so, who knows.

  3. Agreed, we do have divergent tastes in writers, but at some points we do hit major crossovers of taste 🙂

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