I am very tired. That has been the over-riding sensation for a while now.

There’s a lot to blog about I guess.

The Jellicle and I went away to the White County to stay with his family over the Mother’s Day weekend. I was largely confined to upstairs as they have a dog and keep horses, but they were really kind about it so I didn’t feel too bad.

The White County is very like the Green County in terms of it’s landscape, it’s a bit bumpier (not hard, Coward has a lot about the East Coast damn straight) an the Jellicle’s home actually manages to be more remote (and a lot more spread out) than Royston Vasey. Anyway I finally met his elder brother, got to know where some of his characteristics come from by spending much time with his parents, and had fun with his sister, the Blue Sprog around Avebury. I did enjoy Avebury, and I saw my first chalk horse (hence the naming of the county) and worked out we went the wrong way to Silbury Hill which apparently has building work on it.

Princess Lex, the Jellicle and Eric got Eric’s floor laid the other weekend which was fun, plus Eric cooked for us all and we watched Hogfather which I hadn’t seen before.

I’m actually not entirely well at the moment hence the tired, am hoping it’s just a kidney infection or something hideous like that. I really don’t feel like dealing with anything big healthwise at the moment.

Like I said, I’m really tired.

I had a hanami picnic this weekend just gone and did about half as much baking as I intended, this actually turned out to be a good thing because Mother-In-Law brought three cakes. The weather meant that it ended up being in my front room as opposed to under the sakura tree in Dreaming Park. I went up there anyway and Foxy Jonno and Mother-In-Law brought sakura so I have that in my living room now. I’m reasonably sure that thats not the same as having may blossom inside.
I’m tired, I can’t work out the wrongs and rights of some of my actions at the moment because there are too many people involved in them. I’m looking forward to a plan coming together at the end of the week and hey, I get to go Laser Questing which I’ve been wanting to do for months.

I’m going to sleep a bit through Pagan Soc now, just really tired.

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