Miffed About Driving

So, I’m really missing driving. Apart from the sheer expense I’m halfway tempted to sign up for more driving lessons just to get back in a car. Me and the Jellicle were supposed to be hiring a car this weekend and doing a bit of driving around, short bits at first and then sharing a trip over to my Grandma’s (she lives about two hours away). The thing is everyone I’ve talked to about this has been skeptical, ranging from it having been a while since either of us drove to me wanting to do drives that are too far. Well each driving lesson is two hours long and lots of little bits with rests in between made sense to me. The last time I got tired driving was my Pass Plus which was a six hour day in one solid lump and a gap of half an hour in the middle. That killed me.

Then comes the kicker, the nice man who said he’d hire me a car asked how old I was but not how long I’d held my license and it slipped my mind that this might matter. Of course it did and so it turned out that only the Jellicle could hire and drive a car. Well, he needs the practice as much as me so this didn’t seem that bad a thing. Except that I’ve just been out with him and I really, really want to be the one driving. I know it’s silly but I was looking forward to doing some actual driving this weekend and I’m more disappointed than I thought I would be that I’m not. Then I discover that he has a thing about motorways and the drive to my Grandma’s place gets substantially longer without motorways. Two hours each after a day of warming up made sense to me, eight hours on your own is a bit of a kicker even with a gap in the middle.

It doesn’t seem fair that now I have my licence I still can’t drive. I can’t even hire a car.

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