Generally speaking yesterday was a good day. I had a good day out in the garden followed by some catching up with Maths Quaker, after which I thought my bike had been stolen… uh… it hadn’t. I’d just left it at My Gentleman Friend’s place and walked to Maths Quaker’s place somehow thinking that I’d cycled there.

Then I stalked my Jellicle Cat at lunch which made him look at me funny. I intended to do some reading but the warm sun persuaded me to do it outside where I fell asleep over my book. So I was late going swimming with Plodosexual and Archie. After that I was on a total high from the endorphins or whatever, turned up to LURPs to talk to MoT and got to see FJ in chainmail which was surprisingly attractive. Walked home in the evening air after having discovered that my bike was not in fact stolen. It was a lovely walk, briefly interupted by FJ complaining about the weight of his chainmail. The Princess rang to say that Honorary Bitch has got a job in Stockport and Straight has one in Cambridge and at the end of the month these combined factors render her homeless! (She was getting drunk in an effort to cheer herself up, she still doesn’t have anything workwise in the region of Stockport though she does have an interview). And at some point, after the Jellicle had cooked up a stir-fry I could feel my lovely endorphin fuelled high evaporating.

Then I was woken by horrible dreams this morning. All about driving with my sister and then knocking and knocking and knocking until a dead woman sat up in the back of the car. There were others as well, Martin was in one and the Bobbin and something about only being able to hold my birthday party on a Wednesday so no-one could come. It’s been ages since I’ve been calm, my brain always seems to be finding something to worry about. I really need to get out and walk for a bit. Soon.

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