My Party

There were tequila shots. It was too windy for a barbeque so we had meat cooked under the grill instead. There were tequila shots. There were tortillas. There was a dirty story with actions. There was an appreciation of three types of absinthe. There was a game of I have never… now I haven’t played that in ages. Eventually people left. There was take-out.

I’m glad I don’t have work until tomorrow afternoon.

5 thoughts on “My Party

  1. Damn, I missed I Have Never.

    I had a feeling it’d be a party for that, but I guess it wasn’t likely to happen before I had to go to work.

  2. I have never… played I Have Never.

    Shame I missed it 🙂
    Another rather fine party from the hostess with the mostess, however. Never defeated by the weather!

  3. Well, I fully intend on having a housewarming party in a few months, once I have a house to warm. We can play it then.

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