Great Dream Last Night

So I was in this house with this girl and she was lovely and warm and snuggly. We were in a sitting room/front room near the front door to the house, with a bright red carpet and a wooden staircase running upstairs, below the staircase was a fire all laid out and we knelt in front of it together on the red carpet and lit it. Then we curled up in this big armchair and went to sleep and then I woke up and she was still sleeping, so I went over to the fireplace to relight the fire and it was still alight, the flame dancing over the coals and I just knelt there and smiled lots.

It was a really happy dream.

Thoughts on meanings guys?

5 thoughts on “Great Dream Last Night

  1. That I don’t want you ever choosing the colour of my carpets?

    (Dark red, now – that’d be fine ;))

    Clearly you want domestic lesbian bliss. And a milkjug.

  2. Like the stairs. They’re wooden, and above the fireplace. One spark and WHOOSH!

    Lesbianism is hot, I’ve always said it.

    Seriously though? Not just the dream itself, but also the way it affected you, suggests a desire for a comfortable life with everything you need readily available (c.f. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – warmth, love etc.). I think it was a dream about general contentment.

    Although, if this lovely, warm and snuggly girl is identifiable as anyone in particular, rather than just ‘Generic Dream Girl #4’, it might mean something a little bit more… 😉

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