My Quiet Weekend

So, last week I was absolutely certain I was going to end up at the ‘extra Darkside’. It did look like I was going to go on my own as I listened to everyone in Castle Lune diss the sheer size of the Yorkshire House but I felt like dancing and I knew that I was going to be doing housework this weekend so I figured ‘hey dancing is going to get me feeling ok afterwards’. Then it got to Friday and me and the Jellicle Cat figured we’d stay in to watch Last Night of The Proms, I had half an idea about popping out afterwards but that didn’t actually happen in the end.

And here is where my moan starts.

I hate my allergies. I am pretty good at dealing with them, or at least I have been but I guess I’ve been getting complacent, my skin got clear and my lungs were still recovering from that asthma attack and… oh in anycase I just haven’t been bothered with my dust allergy in so long it didn’t occur to me that doing some serious attacking of the house would cause my eyes to stream and my excema to start partying and my face to swell up.

The worst thing about my allergies and my excema and my asthma is that come a certain point of itching and eye-watering I get pathetic. I get moaney and sorry for my self and basically just want to moan and moan and moan and be stroked and hugged etc.etc. Except of course that being touched is not on my number one list of things I like when I’m allergifying and so I get snappy and annoyed. Gosh I’m such a pleasant person.

Anyway Princess Lex came over and I moaned at her and the Jellicle Cat and then listened to the Last Night of the Proms which I really enjoyed, even ‘Froms’ sort of which was the very modern piece composed especially for the Proms combining all the parks etc.etc. Lexy and I drank port and ate cheese and bitched about the chinese jacket that the conductor was wearing. I had a nice quiet night and FJ and M-i-L told me all about the Dance of the Vampires thing afterwards.

Went over to Lexy and FJ’s place on Sunday for dinner which was lovely and I got to tell FJ all about him missing out on Bryn Terfel and he got to tell me all about me missing out on some serious dancing.

Today I have itchy skin, running nose and eyes and am as puffy as ever. I hate it, I hate being itchy and I hate having my skin right now and I hate being a moaning whiney bitch, mostly I hate that it’s not so much the being itchy that I hate but the fact that I look disgusting. I really am very vain.

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