Small Demons

I now own a small red demon with a microwaveable tummy. I’m clutching it as we speak – well, as I write at anyrate and probably sometime before anyone reads this.

Yesterday I felt as if this weekend was going to be one of those golden bubble ones, I haven’t had them in a while, maybe things are arranged now that makes them difficult to come along, everything’s a little bit tangled for the simplicity of a perfect weekend.
Actually it’s not an awful weekend or anything like that, just not perfect. My phone’s delivering text messages late which is the first demon I ended up with tonight. The fireworks were good, and it was kind of nice to watch them down in the muddy field behind the castle with FJ, Lexy and the Jellicle Cat. I’ve promised myself next year to get down to the Castle really early and actually get in – possibly with toffee and baked potatoes.

I thought I’d eaten a reasonable amount today but it’s mostly been soups and things which I guess don’t soak up alcohol – that’d be the second demon. The darkside was largely fun although I was rarely gone entirely into the music which made me feel somehow separate. I’m not entirely sure what separate from or anything just separate.
After the shot of sambuca I ended up feeling distinctly dizzy which was a shame since I’d not been downing lots of them or anything.

I don’t know, I feel awkward, separate and as if I’m… gah – nothing sensible springs to mind just a whole load of emo hystrionics.

I do like the Dark Side, I guess I’m officially a regular since I get spoken to by other regulars – tonight it was mostly to comment on how tame my outfit tonight was. Also, Count Batula gave me a small witch keychain.

I’m really quite chuffed, just, off kilter, somewhere something’s slightly off-key. Probably me if I could just figure out where, the weekends almost golden and I seem hung up on the almost, this annoys me.

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