Love Is The Law…Love Under Will?

Love and Sex.

Love is of the soul and Sex is of the body. If you want to be simplistic about these things. They mingle. But, and here’s the point, there are many sorts of Love and because of this many sorts of Sex.

There are five parts of self: soul, body, thought, rhythm and want.

People are born with two parts of self. We lack rhythm as soon as we are separated from the rhythm that grounded us and first taught us love – the rhythm that was present before we became a body, that is to say our mother, both her bio-rhythms and the passing of her life. We started with her rhythm and gradually became body within her rhythm. Then we are at last only body and that’s when want kicks in. Children remain creatures of want and body for a long time – but it varies in accordance with the child and it’s surroundings. Rhythm kicks in pretty soon after want and I suppose you could say that we will never have such harmony between our parts of self again, yet, we are not harmonious for we are not we, we are not human even because we lack thought – without thought we do not have our whole, potential selves.

Thought is the next thing to come and it comes in different ways and at different times according to the situation and upbringing of the child, and even different according to the child’s body, rhythm and wants. There are no right ways of thinking unless there are ways of thinking that more easily nourish the birth of a soul, but I am writing from within this life and so is everyone else living within it – we cannot know where the soul will develop, which the correct balances that any one person will achieve it in, all we can know is how to observe those people with soul.

Soul is the last part of a human to develop.

Children are human only in potential until they begin their development of soul.

Soul is…something that is obvious in people. Perhaps it is similar to Drive, and yet some people who seem to me to be most driven would also seem to me to be soulless. But, I have discovered my self to be lacking my soul, I had developed quite a nice one but gave it away for something many people would consider to be nothing…I still consider it to be worth it and until I have understood that choice I stand no chance of regaining a soul.

I am less than human at the moment. This is a problem.

To build a soul then, several things must be done, first to understand in thought all parts of yourself (to be honest this is both the easiest part, and because you sort of assume it’s going to be the easiest part, the most difficult), next is to experience all parts of yourself, this takes time and is often unpleasant depending on your moral and socially ingrained beliefs. Third, is to want all of yourself and to know your wants, again difficult and takes a good deal of time, it should be noted that these things must be done contiguously rather than in stages or they’re impossible. The last thing, which is incredibly difficult is to live entirely within and according to your rhythm.

Then you’ve begun to grow your soul.

The next step will be obvious.

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