On Having A Shaven Head

So, I’ve done it, it’s all gone. I have eyebrows and as far as hair goes thats about it. Friday night was the night that I have been looking forward to and apprehensive of for some months now. Given how snappish I was I’m surprised that the gorgeous people who were there stayed! But they did and we went up to the bathroom cups of tea, gins and tonics in hand with my hair done up in multiple ponytails by FJ.

There’s a video of M-i-L taking the first one off.

Because of course then I couldn’t go back. So there we were in the bathroom, me and M-i-L G&T in hand (yes she and Erfie have converted me to the ways of G&Ts, can’t wait to try Pimms in the summer!)… and then she went for my hair with the scissors. I’m exagerating for effect I admit, and the drink certainly helped me out, don’t know if she was nervous or not but then she wasn’t cutting off all her hair! Of course I’m trying to write at this point all the way around the subject, but I have shaved my head…well ok M-i-L did. Right, so I’d had it planned for months the way it was going to be. Videos and photos were at least as important to me as the actual head shaving, I knew this was going to be a one time deal (and assuming no chemotherapy or alopecia in my future and it will be) and I wanted the whole thing to be as recorded as possible. Steamy Arcana was on hand to give advice (and we were using his clippers and razors), FJ and the Jellicle were their for recording purposes and Weasel had turned up earlier on in the afternoon and so he ended up being there too and doing some of the photography.

It was good fun, people being there and there being food and drink (we polished off the last of my birthday cake) and all my hair slowly going. I was so nervous and having everyone around really helped take my mind off things. After a long time (well it seemed long) of snipping, clipping and finally, shaving. It had all come off and I stood up and looked in the mirror, and got everyone stroking my head! (And of course in the case of M-i-L slapping it!)

So what did I think that first moment of looking into the mirror in the bathroom? I’m not sure I was thinking as such. Just looking. I wasn’t disappointed, I wasn’t transported by my newly beautiful aspect, I was just bald. I liked it, it took a while to decide that but I liked it as opposed to getting on with it because I had to.

It felt really strange, a little like rubber when I rubbed it (I can’t stop myself running my hands over my head!) but by the time we got to Saturday it was already covered in sandpapery stubble. I was a bit worried initially about how easy M-i-L would find it to paint but it all went on rather well and I headed out to the Darkside with butterflies all over my scalp. Getting ready for Darkside was fun over at M-i-L’s with the Jellicle, FJ, Weasel, the Princess and Honorary Bitch. I love it when the Jellicle comes out with us, and I love watching him dance because that boy can move (not only that but I get to go home with him at the end of the evening!

Then we got to Darkside and I ended up feeling like some sort of minor celebrity! A lot of people had seen the videos of my shaving on facebook and people who I didn’t even know came up to congratulate me! Also a few of them pledged money and explained they’d donated via the website. It was all so good. I felt almost famous, it was very funny. Add this to all the messages I’ve had telling me I’m an inspiration or about relatives with cancer who are happy I’ve done this and I’m in very real danger of thinking I’m something special!

I’m very glad I did this, together we’ve raised

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