Now, I have noticed a difference of opinion between myself and the Jellicle on the matter of crying. See, there are some movies and songs…in the most embarrassing instance and the one that prompted this post ‘Two Little Boys’ by Rolf Harris makes me cry. I was going to say it makes me cry when it gets to the final verse but actually I discovered this morning that all I have to do is hear the first chords and I get a lump, by the time Rolf is on line two there are tears rolling down my face.

Now the Jellicle’s response is to try and turn off the radio. But the thing is, it’s not like it’s a bad song, I’ll turn the radio off if it’s fucking Jedward singing what should be Queen, but my crying doesn’t mean the song should be turned off. I’m not really, deeply and meaningfully upset by the song. It’s not a bad song (I realised that there may be valid arguements about this point). I just cry in reaction to it.

I see nothing wrong with the act of crying. Sometimes it needs to be done, right?

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  1. Well its more you seemed to be trying to do something else and I thought you were suggesting your crying would interfere with it more than anything else.

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