Fuck WWE

I miss real wrestling. My favourite wrestler retired, bye-bye Asa. It was always fun to see him in the ring. Sumo’s an actual sport and I kinda like watching sports, baseball, cricket, sumo even football occasionally. I have The Archer’s for soap opera.

3 thoughts on “Fuck WWE

  1. Astonishingly enough, most pro wrestling fans actually don’t consider these guys to be lesser than their heroes or dole out shots in their direction when one of their own favourites retires.

    *reads internet wrestling site*

    Oh, wait, my bad.

  2. "Sumo is the most perfect of sports. It has elegance, ceremony, danger, art, speed, and, most important, two fat bastards smacking the shit out of each other. It is immaculate, which is why it has remained essentially unchanged for thousands of years. It remains the only thing in the world that I want to stay static. The only thing I love that loves me back." – Spider Jerusalem

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