Showing Some Love

Last year I showed some love to The Jellicle Cat because she is one of my favouritest Queer People that I know. The prompt for today is to show some love to a queer person in my life. And frankly I was tempted to just post about The Jellicle Cat again because she’s a wonderful superhero who works with baby trans people online and has the ability to research any question anyone might have about anything to brilliant levels.

However I also love another wonderful Queer person. So I’m going to show some love to M-i-L… considering shes my other long term girlfriend I’m not convinced that the nickname ‘Mother-in-Law’ is super useful anymore but hell I’m keeping it.

I don’t know anyone else I would rather talk shit with and find strange deer leaping out of hidden groves of trees (not far from where I and certain other pagans were directed to in connection with working with Elen of the Ways interestingly enough). Because I’ve been living with The Jellicle I haven’t managed to see M-i-L as often throughout lock-down as I would have liked, we have managed our once-a-week datenight pretty well throughout the last year, and even sometimes more than once a week. You should see our creations on Minecraft or our joint Stardew farm.

She hugged me after my Dad died, which I really needed. The fact that it was 2020 and we immediately got PCR tests was… very 2020.

She is a predictably unpredictable person who brings cats and snakes and such into my life and I missed kissing her a whole lot last year. My Mum has occaisionally referenced taking part with Dad in the symbl at her house in the Yule of 2018, so I am hugely grateful to my beautiful girlfriend and her ability to create a gorgeous homey house for them being able to do that.

The ability to hold hands with her and snuggle and hug has been so appreciated since the last relaxing of lockdown rules. I’m not sure if she’s entirely ok with me labelling her Queer, but as a descriptor I think it’s nicely general enough even for her.

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