Tired As Ever

I am feeling very done with things today. I’m fed up of The Jellicle being in isolation over at Imp’s house and I feel like job wise the pandemic has just caused everything to slide backwards. I don’t really mean for me I mean for the vulnerable people I work with. However I also mean for me, I was on target to expand my massage business, and now, I’m just tired and wondering if I can think about reopening properly next April.

Imp has been very good as a continuous subject throughout but I know (having massaged his sister and The Accountant in the last couple of months) that I am not in as good a practice as I was.

Mostly I’m just tired. I was nice to cuddle and smooch with M-I-L since I’ve had basically no physical contact since taking the nephews to Thomasland last Friday. The Jellicle has been isolated for over a week. Just got two more days without her. It’s hard and I dislike it intensely.

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