Today I’m about to go into a game of dungeons and dragons (as the game-master). The players are probably going to be asking about the Halfling trickster god who last year I decided to describe as The Racconteur. I’ve done that before, memorialised people in games. Somewhere in an Unknown Armies Chicago there are giant bees in memory of The Beekeeper who made bell-wheels who I lived down the road from as I grew up. He did the church bell-ringing and walking past his house you’d see this pipe contraption steaming away in order to bend wood into a circle.

I’m learning more massage this year, focussed on the immune system and how it interacts with massage. It would have been perfect for him. He isn’t going to be one of my case studies and I’m missing him. That liminal occasional friend of mine. I think he’d have been amused to have been cast as Brandobaris. So I’m going in to this session thinking about making him laugh because I liked doing that.

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