Sleep and Shelves

One day my bedroom will have a floor rather than the piles of various things that currently splurge on it. I’m very tired right now and shall be going to bed soon. Last night as I was right on the edge of sleep I had a wierd thought.

I could no longer feel the edges of my body, I felt like they were much further out than they actually were (hence me knocking my glasses to the floor) I couldn’t identify finger tips but it felt as though I could feel the edge of the bed and it was the edge of me. Do you suppose that when we sleep our souls spread out, taking in the awareness of all the objects around them, sort of merging with the rest of reality.

Perhaps that is why sleep is so comforting; in sleep we truly belong, we are a part of the greater horizon, we are everywhere around us. So is sleep a sort of death? Perhaps this awareness of all around us happens when we die too? Is that what the various religions mean when they say we join with God? or go to heaven or whatever?

I spent the day putting up shelves, a bracket split so I will have to buy another tommorrow before I can use the shelves. What happened when the tree that made that bracket died? Did it’s awareness fade into the background? What is fading into the background like? Is it a happy fading, a growing awareness or a ubmerging into nothingness?

Personally I rather liked it…but there have been those who’ve said I’ll probably be inducted into some strange suicide cult before I’m thirty. I started wearing thermals today…

One thought on “Sleep and Shelves

  1. Alternatively, it could just be that your brain shuts down as the whole physical healing and psychological re-ordering take over.

    When the brain shuts itself down, perceptions get screwy. Hence the weird thoughts and feelings. Waking dreams, hallucinations, apparitions, that kind of thing.

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