Snail Secretions

It’s finally happened. My trying new SoKo skincare and sheet masks has pushed into the world of snail slime. I’m looking at the sheet mask and genuinely wondering if I can actually bear to use it.

The last time I was at a French regional festival they had giant snails there in a tank as part of the beauty stall. I’m really quite squished by the idea of putting snail hoop on my skin – is this unreasonable of me?

I mean I’ve used shark liver oil on my scars before now, why not rub snail slime into my skin?

I’m revulsed by the idea.

Which kinda means I want to make myself do it. The question now is just how and when I guess.

Ugh, why is snail slime now a party of a skincare regimen?

2 thoughts on “Snail Secretions

  1. “quite squished” or “quite squicked”? Also yes there’s just something about snail goo that makes me nope as an ingredient.

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