Wow there were a lot of women… oh wait… wow there was an even split of men and women and it felt like that was a lot especially because they were allowed to talk, be more than the romantic lead and have genuinely useful skills.

I really hope that when the Tiny Yokai grows up she doesn’t even notice movies with that gender split because it’s so normal.

Did Kevin Hart get into trouble for sexism or something? Oh yeah, just googled and I didn’t imagine that, plus he gets bonus homophobia too. Didn’t see any lesbians in the movie but I was pretty sure there were a good amount of women so that he could discredit the accusations of sexism. I think I looked that up the first time I saw him in the Jumanji reboot so it’s not like they were a one off even. Still even if the bloke is a misogynist at least he’s got an advisor who’s genuinely making good things happen even if it is to make him look good. Not sure how well it’s going to counter the sexism concerns but maybe he’s trying to adjust his behaviour too.

It’s still a pretty bad movie, especially if you need your crimes to make internal sense. The Jellicle and I enjoyed it nonetheless. We have such great taste.

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