Well I gave my presentation and it all went off ok. Although they were all very quiet after I’d given it; I can’t work out if it was the ‘Smile If You Love Vaginas’ T-shirt or the fact that some of my work shows me naked…in any case spent the afternoon learning about the National Curiculum and HURRAY!Got let off early so I could go shopping with my warder.

Both bought stuff from Ann Summers; I think that the Jellicle Cat will approve…I can’t wait to try! Plus on the downside with the Jellicle it’s not long before the Freshers arive and I’m out of the picture :(. If I’m not already I guess. I popped down to the Spar earlier to buy a new toothbrush and bumped into a lady in Guide uniform, turned out her name was Alison and so I ended up going to her unit and helping out for the evening, I intend to go back next week too :).

I’ve had a really happy day today, also I bought new underwear in town which makes me and then I rounded off the day by watching Teachers…oddly appropriate don’t you think?

2 thoughts on “Teachers

  1. So is the Jellicle planning to prey on the freshers then?

    He better leave some for me.

    (Re. Teachers: Simon’s back! Woohoo!

    And it only took him half an hour to get his arse out. Andrew Lincoln’s as bad as James Nesbit for that…)

  2. P.S. How about getting the clock fixed on this thing? It’s 11.25pm on the 17th, not 1.25am on the 18th.

    And are we getting Writers’ Guild Exec T-shirts? You promised to pay for them, didn’t you?

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