Interview Tommorrow

Well my teaching observation went really really well. I got a nice tick in the middle box (not brilliant but not bad either). I’m doing ok at the teaching gig…which is nice to know because I’m going for a teaching job tommorrow, in Japan. Well tommorrow I’m going to London for the interview but the job will be in Japan. I have to take a test in Japanese culture tommorrow and one in English culture which, curiously enough, I’m more nervous about. I also have to take a test in literacy but I passed one of those last week so hopefully should be ok with this one.

Oh Gods I really, really want to go to Japan, I really really really want to go to Japan. I want to know all about Shinto and Japanese art and why they got so isolationist in the Age of Explorers and what was the deal with the similarities between the Japanese and Chinese languages anyway. I so want to get this, I don’t want to be stuck in this country, trapped here, into some sort of goldfish bowl existence.

In other news I should probably announce that I am currently in a relationship….yeah that probably caught a lot of you off guard huh? Me too…I mean despite the fact that I did ask him about three weeks ago if, since he was considering a relationship, why not consider one with me. I didn’t actually think he’d ever in a million years say yes…or indeed ever think this was a good idea. Then my warder made us talk.

Well everyone should have figured this out by now. Me and the Jellicle Cat are now going out. And before anyone starts panicking no we’re not intending on monogamy…yes I can see my favourite shopkeeper shaking his head in despair at those words. We shall see how it goes…oh and incidentally…

I’M GOING OUT WITH THE JELLICLE CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Psi! Nice to see you man! Come back soon! I keep in touch with Fletch mainly, he comes up and role-plays with us all up here. Happy seems to be not in touch with me despite my emails, although Thrip and I have occaisional conversations. Yeah I guess some of my entries to this diary do seem to be in code…started last year to protect peoples identities although I wasn’t as good as Cosmo was….

Wish me luck guys!

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