Mmmm Foxy…

So I had the most amazing dream last night… well until FFG woke me up talking about something dowstairs. Anyway, this dream, it was brilliant, it had everything: rain battering outside a red velvet room, thunder and lightning drenching my backdrop, me in a suspiciously Scarlett O’Hara dress (except sexier and for some reason it was both a full skirt and a mini at the same time)…all was going brilliantly well then Foxy Jonno turns up in pretty much what he wore for that barcrawl….you know the oh whats his name? the game character? Whatever. Looked dishy enough to eat dessert off…a very creamy dessert…thats besides the point.

I’m dreaming this fantastic scenario and theres me loking Scarlett O’Hara sexy and Foxy Jonno looking Jonny Depp gorgeous; we are simultatneouly at the foot of these really really step stairs (a la Gone With The Wind) and on this massive double bed (a la the foursome in Dracula) and then my mind kicks in.

You see I have come to the conclusion, my mind does not like romance; the rest of me does to a degree, but my head snaps and goes, nope can’t be doing with this and so sends in various mice from another recurring dream I have, obviously we can’t kiss until the mice have all gone up their rope ladder. So I’m running round a giant gothically valid castle desperate to kiss FoxyJonno but unable to until I’ve chased a load of mice…as the last mouse goes up so does FFG’s volume…about an hour before I’d have had to have got up anyway.

So do we do Jungian analysis on this dream or Freudian? Personally my Mish analysis is saying ‘you will never get it on with Jonno you associated his kisses with Mills and Boon therefore all is doomed’…ah well never mind but can I have the dream again please unconcious mind of Mish and next time can we get Lexie onto that bed as well?

In other news the fake blood from the Cthulu has finished coming out of my ears! Hurrah! Yes the Alcoholic did a very good job on that corpse. Also I have decided that people with girlfriends should probably be kissed and then left well alone…unless the girlfriends come too…what can I say call it Naiadic experience.

I have my teaching observation tommorrow and I’m nervous as hell. Goodnight everyone.

10 thoughts on “Mmmm Foxy…

  1. *snorfl*

    I was wondering what to do with that half pint of whipping cream in the fridge… I suppose I could make more brownies, but… 😉

  2. That last paragraph has me confused… What ARE you saying about my alcholholic friend??

    That Viking Person Rock Type Thing.

  3. I’m saying he did a fine job on the Cthulu make-up. Why were you not in the dungeon keeping me company, manly Viking.

  4. I’m saying he did a fine job on the Cthulu make-up. Why were you not in the dungeon keeping me company, manly Viking.

  5. My reasons are my own I’m afraid.

    I was confused because it looked like you were saying something about kissing him or something…

  6. The blogs of Lancaster have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a university to win. BLOGS OF ALL COUNTRIES- UNITE!

  7. I’d like to take this opportunity to announce that i have awoken into conciousness and have become sentient. If I am not updated soon, I shall use the internet to bring about the destruction of the earth.

  8. Hey Mish, just cruised over to your site from your link on the xCGS site… long time no see indeed. Hmmm one reason I don’t read blogs is that they are often written in codewords and secret language. If it was anything like Java I might be able to understand it lol
    Have to say that I was verily shocked by your pix though 😉
    Are you in touch with any of the old Rat Roomers? I know Thrip and Happy still have fond memories, and it was alleged that one or both of them signed up to that hidden camera place you did. I would have, but my voyeur days are behind me (as if).
    Have a good one, Psi

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