Day Off From School

Days off from school; I’m sure I remember them with glee; days lying on the sofa whilst Mum brought me lucozade and barley sugars. However today I woke up with a migraine. It’s only second one I’ve ever had and it was really wierd waking up to it because at first I didn’t think I’d woken up; it was like I was swimming in a sea of electric lights that look like magic flashes on a fantasy poster only they hurt all over like this headache.

Yes the migraine went and I worked out from the fact that radio four was on that I had actually woken up and it wasn’t just a horrible dream. However I felt like shit and I still have a headache so I stayed home from school only no lucozade and no barley sugars just a lot of water and some Ibuprofen.

And now the Orange singing his Lord of the Rings Musical; you really ought to check out his blog, he’s posted the first half!

Well if I’m not at school the least I can do is my lesson plans. Sigh. Work is mean, especially when you can’t take a proper day off.

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