So when did I become this whiny moany bitch that I’ve been all day?

All I have done today is moan and moan and moan, I have work tommorrow, I’m cold, I feel ill. Now I’m just really pissed off with myself.

I’ve had a headache all day. I’m not looking forward to school tommorrow. But I do have new shoes and the Jellicle Cat spent the whole night last night, which rarely happened before but which he is planning on doing again.

So really there is no real reason for my bad mood.

I guess I always expected to be doing something I enjoy, and I am to an extent but there is more about teaching that I don’t enjoy than I do…I love making the worksheets and the visual aids and the posters and I love teaching. But the justification and the assignments I do not love.

I think I’m not really cut out to be a teacher, I need to love it more than I do and I always thought that I would…but I just don’t.

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