My Birthday

It was my birthday yesterday; don’t worry people you haven’t missed the party, I’m not actually having a party but the first Friday Barcrawl back is mine…ahhahahaha…mine all mine! ok actually the fabulous exec of PULSAR are letting me invite a couple of people who wouldn’t otherwise be there come on the barcrawl; my Birthday Barcrawl Bash and the rest of you are duty bound, as my friends, to turn up and let me scrounge drinks off you! Well come anyway. I’m role-playing for my birthday on the Saturday after, My favourite Uncle, the Alcoholic, Sweetie and BS have written me a lovely Cthulu adventure (well I’m assuming it’s lovely!) for which the number of characters had to be limited; so everyone else join me on the barcrawl!

They did it again you know, my fabulous housemates (thats twice they’ve been called fabulous in the space of one entry…that should be some sort of record I think…), I knew that FFG was going to cook for me, thats another reason he should be reminded of his fantastic, cooking, chopping fingers, but they got me a cake and a BEAR and a mug! Now I have a mug too; it has a seal on it :). My Mum got me a card with a seal on it – great minds think alike I guess. We all have bears now, well except Giggles. Mine has a passport so I can take her with me travelling. FFG’s has a suit and the Curious Orange’s has a cape….this is in no way a reference to the Yellow Dart because obviously the Curious Orange does not have a secret identity and it is not the Yellow Dart…no really, just ask Strong Bad!

I love my housemates. Last year it was a wonderfully snuggly birthday and this year it was so much fun…I missed the Curious Orange though because he’s still in the land of the Folk of the North. But I rang him so that was ok and my oldest friend in the world rang too and we dutifully spent time bashing men as her longterm man (she’s always so possesive over these things) has been a complete bastard and owes her a grand. Even his Mum is on her side, bastard…The Jellicle put up with the phonecall very well.

I can’t wait for my role-playing thingy. I can’t wait to go travelling and I think I’m going to try and get a job doing something with books…or maybe just be a shop assistant; I like seeing people, children I enjoy working with on a voluntary basis because then you get to pretend that they’re people in school you have to absolutely know that they’re children and they are here to learn.
There’s no allowing for sharing knowledge and you have to feeel comfortable with ‘teaching’ more than just your subject. I had to throw some year eleven smokers out of the loos the other day but I wasn’t just allowed to tell them what I thought about smoking and the fact that I have asthma (my usual soap-box) etc.etc. I had to put them in detention and it just seemed so pointless because theire detention will have nothing to do with smoking it’ll just be sit inside during lunch for an hour. I’m supposed to tell kids to wear proper uniform too and I couldn’t careless. So much meaningless trivia and I’m supposed to represent it.

I just want to share some art with these kids show them how fantastic life can be if only they’ll let it and I have to pump them full of these grey life-sapping rules…I don’t want to be a teacher I wanted to teach children!

3 thoughts on “My Birthday

  1. ‘The land of the folk of the north.’I know its what Norfolk means, but you made it sound like it was lost in the middle of some D and D campaign…

    DM: The raven tells you that the folk of the north will aid you in your quest. What do you do?

    Fighter: Lets go there. Maybe we can muster more arms if we put in an appearence.

    Bard: And I can rally their courage with my music.

    Wizard. I don’t know…

    DM: In order to reach the land of the folk of the north, you must first cross the paths of Azgababab – a place of horror where the dead rest werily and the living emerge seldomly.

    Ranger: That doesn’t sound so bad.

    DM: Next you must endure the forest of pompettuuur – a woodland long abandonded by the elvish folk, a place where the trees have returned to their wicked ways and will seek your doom by filling your minds with their foul whispers

    Wizard: Fuck this for a game of soldiers.

    Fighter: Let us go, my friends, to the land of the folk of the north

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