My Clitoris

Yes the title really is what the entry is about. No it really, really is. If you don’t want to know, then don’t read this entry. I’m not kidding and yes, it probably is what your thinking about my clit so really don’t read if you don’t want to know.

I got it pierced! Hurrah! Yeay! Hurray! Well I got the hood pierced to be precise. I’ve been intending to get it done for a while now. I’ve never previously found anybody I actually wanted to go near that particular part of my anatomy but then I ended up talking for a long time to the woman in Afflecks and then here I am…all pierced!

I love it. It hurt when the needle was going through of course, slightly worse than a normal bellybutton piercing but it was all over in a matter of swearing seconds, I had built it up in my head to be going to be a whole lot worse than it actually was. Which sounds wierd because you wouldn’t think that you could get much worse pain than having your genitalia pierced but you can…in my head at least.

The PULSAR trip to Manchester was gooooood, the Orange got a great hat. It has a feather in it. Giggles got this gorgeous pair of velvet dungarees which I am jealous of, largely because I’ve not found a pair of dungarees in ages that don’t make me look pregnant. Lucky Giggles. I found a skirt that I like…I think my Grandma will too, I’m fairly sure that that should probably worry me but it doesn’t.

But mostly I’m just supremely happy and energised with my new piercing. Its sooooo nice. Admittedly I did need a long sit down a little after it was done as I went all wierd and woozy but hey, it stopped bleeding really soon… It feels fantastic.

I have a thousand word essay to write now, curiously I’m actually looking forward to it. I miss writing essays, I mean sometimes I used to enjoy them when I was an undergrad, especially if it was a topic I liked but relaly…I’m looking forward to an essay? I think its because its one of the few pieces of academic work that I get to do for this course. I miss academic work, I miss essays….wierd.

9 thoughts on “My Clitoris

  1. You call a thousand words an ESSAY??? I call that an abstract!

    Enjoy, and congrats on the self-multilation. I’m still due to have more needles stuck in my flesh, but can’t decide where.

  2. I’ve always shied away from genital piercing – in myself at least. I kind of like the idea in other people. So it’s a bit like giving all your money away for a good cause – I think it’s great when other people do that.

    One question that really fascinates me though – aren’t you worried the kids at your school will see your blog? I think even if they did they wouldn’t be brave enough to post a comment.

  3. I think that its very unlikely that children at my school are going to take that much interest in one of their teachers that they go searching on the web for her. If they do then they do, I have my own plans for how to deal with it.

  4. They’d have to know that your friends called you Mish, and nothing else, never your real name, or even your surname, that often. I assume you’re Miss Liddle at school?

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