Oh Gods! Not Archangel

It was my birthday barcrawl, I was supposed to be getting pissed….really…I mean I understand that I’m not eighteen and am in fact twenty two…um…but…well…oh dear and why did I decide to kiss Archangel hes just so……ick! Although to be fair to the man he was alot better than when I’ve kissed him before. Why oh why oh why?

I seem to revert to being fourteen or something when I’m that drunk…I am never having a vodka in every bar again. Hurrah for Katie! She let me go to Bowland, which was kinda crowded but hey….oh dear what was I thinking? What was I doing? Why dear gods why? Oh why?!!!!

Oh dear Gods! What was I doing?

14 thoughts on “Oh Gods! Not Archangel

  1. This was written before, didn’t realise you’d written in your blog about it.
    Why am I so mean to Archangel Orange? Ask most women you know!

  2. Kate, Shell, Helena, thats three off of the top of my head who are all for Archangel – I think Ell and zoe are fairly inclinded to be nice also.

    If by ‘most of the women I know’ you mean Anny and Emily, then I will grant you your point.

    It still does not change the point that your behaviour was unkind.

  3. I know you and Archangel don’t get on Mish, but I live with the guy and I’ve never had a problem with him…

    Don’t assume that because you have a personality clash with someone we all have the same response to them…

  4. "This was written before, didn’t realise you’d written in your blog about it."

    So it was just insensitive, offensive and insulting, rather than spiteful and vengeful, fine. I was just wondering which reason I should have for being pissed off at you.

    "Why am I so mean to Archangel Orange? Ask most women you know!"

    Well, Emilie’s confused by that comment, I haven’t spoken to Anny about it yet, and I’ll take Jason’s word as to the opinions of the other girls on his list.

    Any chance of an apology coming my way any time soon? Sure, you ducked out of this Friday’s bar crawl because of your behaviour last week, and you mentioned this several times at the Writers’ Guild, but there was an important word that’s missing. I’m not normally one to fish for apologies, and this might sound petty, but you’ve yet to show any kind of regret for what you did last week, apart from skipping this bar crawl.

    I usually let things slide, as I have done with you for the past two years, but I’m fed up with it. Sure, I can talk civily to you, I can be polite and acknowledge your presence, as I have done over the past week, but I don’t particularly feel the urge to treat you as an actual friend at the moment.

  5. I don’t know why you treat me as a friend either Archie considering some of the stuff I’ve said to you. I wasn’t referencing your kissing me when I mentioned stuff in WG tonight, I just meant the general talking shite and trying to snog everyone in the bar and generic behaviour of a drunken fourteen year old.
    I was pissed on Friday night, I was uncertain of what I was doing, my memories are somewhat hazy after about Furness or Bowland. Personally I think I’ve always been sunch a bich I just hadn’t noticed so much before.
    You want an apology for me waking up after being exceptionally unaware of what I was doing and being offensive. Sorry, I write what I think, sometimes what I think isn’t particularly nice.

  6. Im sure if Jason of Many Colours was sitting here with me now he would say "My Momma always told me that if you cant say something nice, dont say anything at all."
    I realise that most of the time – no, wait, all of the time – you are completely oblivious to the feelings of everyone around you Mish so perhaps this is one piece of advice you should heed.
    You acted terribly towards Archangel and you constantly make a point of telling everyone within hearing distance that Archangel and Mike are the only two people you wouldnt sleep with. Although, I think that they should consider themselves lucky on this particular point, I also think that you making a point of this issue again draws attention to your selfish, arrogant nature. I mean, why do you think most people would want to sleep with you in the first place? And if you are once again going to blame this whole thing on too much alcohol, then perhaps you could learn to drink less, and thus control yourself – for I can recount many occasions of you drunkenly insulting people.
    I know that this rant will really do very little to affect you as you seem to have no remorse, guilt, empathy or dignity. But hey, I tried.

  7. Sorry. when I said ‘if by most women you mean Anny and Emily,’ I was taking Mishes word for it from a previous conversation. If their actual opinion differs from the one I presented, it can only help but defend my case.

  8. I’d like to add here that Mish did apologise over the phone to me last Friday night, after I left my previous message.

    I meant to acknowledge the apology on this blog to declare the subject closed (as far as I was concerned), but haven’t had access to the internet for a week.

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