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I used to quite like the karma voting option on my blog; people voting negatively if they didn’t like the entry and positively if the converse were true. Just recently I’ve had a lot of negative karma, various things I’ve been saying, actually most of what I’ve been saying lately has been stuff that people disagree with. Usually I use my karma voting as a way of guessing what sort of comments I’ll get from everyone out there. But the karma voting is beginning to piss me off. At the moment of writing the karma voting for my last entry, a poem is minus 4. Fair enough my poetry is not to a lot of people’s tastes, and occaisionally when I read it back it’s not to mine. But then I read the comments, expecting a lot of fairly critical criticism.

Did I get it? No I got three comments saying that they like the poem and two curious ones from the Orange. So I guess I’m a bit annoyed, there are four people at least out there (I say at least because if everyone who left a positive comment voted positively for the karma rating then thats seven people who voted negatively) who disliked the poem but couldn’t be bothered to leave a comment. What the poem was that badly constructed? Ok it’s not great but I’m not a professional poet its something I do for fun. Or wasn’t it the poem, did you dislike the sentiment? Well I have no idea because you couldn’t be bothered to leave comments.

Incidentally I think the Orange’s question was an entirely fair one, poetry is not a universal language and wanting to know where I am and what I’m thinking is a perfectly valid reason for asking me. Equally Miss U.D.’s response is to my way of thinking valid, just sit back and read it and enjoy it as a poem.

I am thinking about removing karma voting, I do like it but if people are just going to sit there and decide that they dislike something without telling me why or what they dislike I’m not certain that I’d rather not know they dislike it. Possibly I’m just pissed off. I was quite happy with that poem.

6 thoughts on “Karma Voting

  1. a thought you may have missed… We humble readers can only vote once per entry, this means that whoever is committing these acts of karma terrorism (almost wrote chemelion)is working in cahoots with at least three others. Either that or the masses just disagree with you outright, which is less believable as you often recieve comments which agree with you, or at least support you.
    Perhaps this is just my deeply paranoid brain looking far to closely at the situ.

    p.s, did you sneak into my room this morning and leave your hairbrush on my desk?

  2. Aha! Thats where my hairbrush is! No I left it there last night,re the karma votes: I was just assuming that at least four people disagreed with me and just couldn’t be bothered to leave their comments.

  3. Instant Karma’s gonna get you
    Gonna look you right in the face
    Better get yourself together darlin’
    Join the human race…

  4. You know what you godda do, man? You need to like, chill out, and go get a freaking soda or something ’cause all this worry’s just gonna give you wrinkles or make you look like my stupid brother or something.

    Who gives a crap what other people said about your poem. You like it, I likes it, even The Cheat liked it. I think the poopsmith was unimpressed, but who cares, man? That guy shovels crap for a living. Anyways, I gotta run – I’ve gotta go give Strongsad his morning wedgie.

    Laters, Man

    Strongbad, Strongbadia

  5. Just as a random note, these comments can be rather amusing if read in the reverse order ๐Ÿ™‚

    *huge hugs to you Mish*

    I’ll be on teh bar crawl this friday (accidents permitting), so see you there, if you’re coming ๐Ÿ™‚

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