Why I am Beginning To Hate FemSoc

I have been happy for the past few days; really happy, I’ve been making things and sculpting things again. I’ve been so enjoying making art that I’ve wanted to share how happy and how wonderful it is to make things with my housemates, I’ve made my sculptures in the kitchen I’ve been so enjoying spending time with them and they hate it.

I can’t share my sculptures with my housemates. Why not? Because of femsoc. I’ve been blissfully making vaginas those hated symbols of feminism and bloody femsoc have ruined it all. I really do believe in V-Day and using the vagina as a symbol of being against violence against women. And my housemates are not mysogynists nor are they women haters but they hate my sculptures, and they hate me working in the kitchen. Why? Becuase femsoc have bullied and pestered them into annoyance. They won’t come to see my first solo exhibition since my degree show and they won’t come and see me on stage. Because femsoc keep pestering them for money.

I love sharing the experience of having a vagina, I love thinking about what it means to be a woman and my housemates are saying that makes me a femnazi. I hate femsoc. I’m so happy and proud of having an exhibition and I so love my sculptures and my closest friends can’t share my happiness because they are sick of the sight and the word vagina and there is nothing I can do about it.

I thought my sculptures were fun and nice to touch (well apart from the ones with broken glass) and the Orange and Giggles and FFG would just rather they didn’t exist and they’re not even bothing with an aesthetic debate which would be fun, they just hate the fact that I’m making these things.

I hope that my exhibition goes well and I hope that people buy them and money goes to the Women’s Refuge. But I wish that my friends were going to be there again this year and that they didn’t hate my artwork.

4 thoughts on “Why I am Beginning To Hate FemSoc

  1. Our annoyance also has to to with the fact that the ony thing we have ever seen you sculpt is vaginas, and vaginas/sex/witchcraft are the only subjects you ever talk about

  2. Speaking as someone whose daily conversation consists of comments on the PS2 Game Smackdown, synopsies of various role playing sessions and various commments on books/films/tv shows which I haven’t read/seen, that sounds like a welcome change to me 🙂 Trade?

    *NB* The lads aren’t that bad, they do occasionally drag themselves back to other forms of conversation, but then again, I bet Mish does too…

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