I am so pathetic

Before Easter a girl in year eight gave me an asthma attack becasue of the perfume she was spraying in class. I had words with all my classes about not spraying things in the classroom. Everything was fine until today. Two year eights from the same class sprayed a cloud of deodorant across the door to the classroom so that when I went in I walked through a cloud of the stuff and imeadiatly began coughing and sneezing. At first I didn’t understand and I got kids to open the windows and then these two (practically killing themselves with laughter) crept up behind me and sprayed again.
They were in detention this lunchtime. They had planned this fine and fabulous joke and I was choking on the floor unable to say or do anything.
I was rendered helpless by two twelve year olds.
I am completely and utterly pathetic, what teacher should be able to be made that powerless by two of her pupils?
I couldn’t do a thing I was just sat there trying to breathe on the floor and the class went haywire. I couldn’t make myself heard because I couldn’t get enough breath and the two boys were in hysterics, they thought it was great. One of the little girls found my inhalers (I keep them in the desk) and then she went running for the first aider (WonderWoman).
I couldn’t keep control for the rest of the lesson after all it doesn’t take much to make Miss completely ineffectual now does it.
Two bloody cans of deodorant and I couldn’t breathe.
I don’t know what I’m going to do about that class now, and the rest of the school will know by now. But it’s not just that, I totally lost focus all my professionalism went out of the window when I couldn’t breathe properly, I couldn’t think what to do I was only focussing on breathing. How stupid and pathetic is that. At least last time I kept my head enough to send a boy for another teacher and keep them on task. I didn’t even manage to start the lesson. I just panicked.
I’ve almost finished this year and I have no classroom skills, I have no discipline and I panicked in front of thirty twelve year olds. I am truly pathetic.

Fluffy Cyclist has just been in. I have year nine next. Her two pennorth was ‘ you know they don’t keep quiet for anyone’, ‘you know it’s not just you’. Well yeah I did but now she’s said that I’m wondering why she feels she has to keep saying that to me. I think I’ve actually gotten worse over the year, not learnt more and improved.

5 thoughts on “I am so pathetic

  1. Maybe fluffy cyclist says it because she can see you losing confidence and feeling it’s your fault?

    It’s hardly your fault if you have asthma, if kids are deliberately out to cause havoc there’s very little you can do, they will find some way of achieving it.

  2. you gave them detention? I’d have given them black eyes! What they did was pre-meditate assault – and when you were down and out they did it again! They could have killed you. Deodarant in the face can be deadly to anyone, let alone an asthmatic. ‘Arosole abouse can kill – instantly’ I will not stop hounding you until you at least call the police. If it were me, I’d sue their parents! In fact, endsleigh insurance have one thousand five hundred pounds for me should I ever acrue legal fees…

    The only pathetic people were those children. So sayeth they yellow dart!

  3. These children are the reason why I refuse to love all children unconditionally. Some of them genuinely are little bastards.


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