No respite

I can’t do this, at school I don’t remember minding the name calling and pointless verbal abuse so much. But everyday some silly kid shouts names at me or swears or whatever else and it’s really beginning to get to me. I know that they don’t know half of what they’re talking about and I couldn’t care less what they think of me. But I am fed up of the stupid shouts and the names and the constant stupid chants. I don’t know why its getting to me but it really is beginning to seem like there no end to all this meanness.

4 thoughts on “No respite

  1. Damn.
    I know how it feels, every single day on the Marsh when I lived there, there were chants, stupid name callings, footballs kicks at the window constantly…

    I fucking Hate these little bastards sometimes.

    If you need to talk, or a hug, I’ll happily volunteer.

  2. i remember bemoaning on my diary about verbal abuse from children, and some thoughtless Herbert suggested that I should try to be more trendy to avoid their attention. Sigh. It seems that the small minded have *finally* made it onto the internet

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