Dancing All Night…

… and I’m doing a Cthulhu game tommorow?


There was a period in the second year of university near the begginning when I would feel guilty about not sleeping with someone. But I am not a courtesan ready to entertain whomsoever is suggested to me, I’m no whore employed for everyone to enjoy, and , contrary to popular belief I am not a slut. I had some hassles in the second year. BBM, the Naiad et al helped a lot. If I need to do other things it’s my choice, if I want to flirt with other people then it’s up to me, if it’s an unhealthy situation for me to get into then I get to choose to fuck or not to fuck…and all the rest of it.

It’s been a long while since I needed to remind myself of this and oddly enough I needed to now. After spending an entire evening pleasantly flirting and dancing…and knowing I could provide another short term solution but knowing I wasn’t going to. Being told I should be going with the short term solution for someone else and actually wondering if they were right?! About what I should or shouldn’t be doing with my body? I’m really not overly happy with myself for even wondering, and I’m not altogether sure why the reminder that it’s my body was necessary tonight.
But it was.
And that’s odd.

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