No More Days Exist

Sometimes I focus myself on one point in time to the exclusion of all other point, nothing else seems to exist just one day has to be got through, just one day… and then… well it’s the day after, or the evening of the afternoon that I’ve been focussed on, and everything is a bit lost.

My camera has gone, everyone waved before it was packed, no more camera til Japan now… it seems so wierd not being watched, or at any rate not having a camera to fulfill my attention- seeking cravings.

All my stuff is gone, I’m surrounded by small piles of crap that don’t really belong to anyone as such, just, you know, stuff that seems a bit disjointed from everything else.

Anyone want a giant pink fluffy vagina?

Or a small five year diary of an average adolescent girl?

Zoes birthday party has been this weekend, nay party does not do it justuce, it was a Zoefest….finally met her sister. Very head screwed on.

Another suitcase in another hall and I wonder where I’m going to this time.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear that someone is abusing your karma rating thingy. I have used my powers – or at least my votes – to redress the balance.

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