Touch…Need To Clear Out My Head

You and me, I can see us dying, are we?

Touch me. How do people touch me? How does eveyone bloody touch me? Close up, oyster shell like and there are pick axes that find their way in.

You caught me on the raw, and with but few words had me falling to the floor, in ecstasy, anxiety and trust. (Yes I know its a bad thing to quote yourself…I will go on)

Touch…in a word, on the grass, on your bed, touch… Do you ever get so that around and around your head thoughts go on buzzing like flies? And when you try and close up thats when they keep on going?

And it’s the eyes it’s nowhere else as I go to London, to Japan, across the grass to the pharmacy, it’s your eyes. There are too many things falling out of my head at the moment and their being replaced by such random stuff.

Touch wrap Thyme in grasss and swallow to repair the damage. Too many thoughts and too many memories, I’m sure it would just be easier to go Eternal Sunshines route..The world forgetting by the world forgot except that I couldn’t there are too manby smiles….

Head stuff, not making sense. Going to London tommorrow. Need to clean my mind.

Touch…take me in your arms as long as everyone closes their eyes. Close your eyes. Close your eyes. Touch.

4 thoughts on “Touch…Need To Clear Out My Head

  1. Mish, before I forget, are you in Lancaster on 10th July? We’re having a mead sumble to bless the house and a housewarming party after. Sumble at 7, party at 8. Can you come? If you need to know where the house is, speak to Ell. She knows.

    Hope we’ll see you there…

  2. Got your message Mish. My phone is dying. I will talk to you tomorrow at ours and sort something out then. I warn you, I have close to no money at the moment so me coming is dependent on where you decide to go and if my budget will stretch that far…

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