Kill Bill

I have, to be honest, put down much of my liking for Kill Bill down to the fact that I really was not expecting to like it. I went because I was stresed (well, it was last year wasn’t it?!) and because it was something to do, and because I wanted to be out of the mind set of prepareing lesson plans every single night.

Tonight I sat down and watched Kill Bill one and two with Skimble and Nesuphyn. And I had simply not taken in or forgotten or whatever, how good it was. It was GOOD. And I liked it on second watching, I liked the cinematography and it was just as funny second time round. A lot of the reason I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it when I wandered down to the cinema that time was because I had listen to Wrong Mike rave about it the previous night and he was mentioning the blood and guts and heads being choppped off and to me it soudned like an over the top serious action movie; no one thought to mention it was funny (ok ok I knew it was Tarantino why I was expecting a straight movie I don’t know!)

I’m actually tempted to go and buy it on DVD. I did rather enjoy Nesuphyns reaction to the massacre of the Crazy 88’s in glorious technicolour; yep this was indeed supposed to be in colour and was in fact censored into grey.

Hurray! I have my first ever membership to a video rental place, ever in the entire world ever, Gods I’ve lived in the sticks my whole life…Gods I’ve mooched off my friends ever since I started Uni. I am still puzzled however by the fact that I needed my Medical Insurance card to start my membership. I mean what exactly are they worried about the videos doing that I need to be covered by Japanese Health Care for?

Hmmm I shall ponder this. Samhain tommorrow! (I’m an excited Mish) And because Skimble wants to borrow my Chinese Dress she’s doing the repair job on it that I’ve been putting off since my leaving party (yes I packed the dress unmended guys…I intended to get round to it!)

Ooooh Samhain tommorrow!

9 thoughts on “Kill Bill

  1. Still no where close to guessing, bit of a clue – I was at your house so often i practically lived there…….

  2. I’d forgotten that they’d edited that sequence to black and white.

    Strange, I remember it being colourful, but maybe that’s just my sicko imagination.

    So, in your opinion, which version was better: the more subtle monochrome, or the splattery red technicolour?

  3. Which house?
    The only person at my house last year that often was Mike, who you definately aren’t. So which house do you mean Daemonic? Which year?

  4. its like the Bill Bailey sketch, where he tries to rent a video and the guy asks to see a gas bill. ‘What?’ exclaims bill, ‘are they gas powered now, these videos?’ imagine, three AM at the Turkish boarder:


    ‘Err. no. I do have a gas bill. It’s got my name on it and everything. I think you’ll find its all in order!’

  5. I kinda liked when it was changed to black and white actually, I didn’t even think of it as censoring at the time, the black and white gave it this unreality that fit with the idea of this one woman fighting off dozens of people all at once. It took you away from the blood, and had you focus on Beatrix with superhuman abilities. Now that I’ve seen it in color, I don’t know which one I like better.

  6. Right, so we’ve ruled out Chav Mike, so who the hell else is there?

    Ell, Zoe, but daemonic seems male.

    Becker, mayhaps?

    Did you guys have regular plumbing problems?

    A repeat offending burglar?

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