The Q Spot

If you don’t want to read about me having an orgasm then don’t. Thats the only warning your getting.

Now I believe that at last count Annie Sprinkle said there were seven types of orgasm: Dreamgasms, Microgasms, Inter-vaginal orgasms, Breath and energy orgasms, Clitoral Orgasms, Combination-gasms and Metagasms. I’ve spent my past four or five years going from belief in one, to as it now stands, belief in five. Since she groups separate body part causing orgasms within these categories I don’t count belief in them till I have proof of everything she lumps together in her categories!

However I have discovered a whole new orgasm…possibly it should come under the category of combination or microgasm…maybe. 😉

In anycase, take one girl with a clitoral piercing, who has been raised on StarTrek to the extent that she cannot see John de Lancie without thinking ‘oh it’s Q’ (all powerful alien being who can make the Enterprise crew jump to his attention…you have the kind of rapport on screen between de Lancie and Stewart that led Tom Baker to make the homosexual affair joke about the Doctor and Davros).

In anycase add to this scenario a TV flicked to on at some point in an SG1 episode when Q (or whoever the fuck he plays in SG1 I don’t really care) is talking about the possibility that SG1 has suffered some sort of mind control from an alien entity.
It really didn’t take the whole episode of watching Q question the SG1 team about every littl piece of their lives with that sardonic (do I mean sardonic) half smile flicker on his lips.

The girl collapses onto her tatami mat floor within a few minutes of the TV being flicked on.

I shall call it the Q spot… there ought to be a whole section for Sci-figasms!

You were warned. If you read anyway it really is your own fault!

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