Do, do, what to do?

This is in response to Jo’s question a couple of days ago ‘The next question is, having identified the problem, jack boots or no, what do we do about it?’. It’s also a thought that was partially blocked up by NanoWrimo and is simply expressed in a quote from Crimson Tide that Miss UD uses;

“In my humble opinion, in the nuclear world, the true enemy is war itself.”

Yes that about sums up my thoughts, my fears for this world we find ourselves in. Bush, once again I repeat, is not a cause but rather a symptom.
And this thing he is a symptom of? Our descent, slowly, surely into what used to be Orwellian fiction and now seems like Orwellian fact? Our entry into the recycling of the nineteen thirties. What the hell do we do about that?

Well for one thing we stop whinging and start complaining. Whinging is what you do on a blog like this on and has very little effect on the world around us (oh but it should), complaining is what you do by writing to parliament, by talking to MPs, by protesting on roofs or otherwise.

So obviously we complain. We complain as loud as we bloody well can. But as I said before this world that we are living in is becoming progressively more Orwellian. Big Brother is watching us little sheep. And locking up the dissenters with alarming speed.

But we’ve learnt a thing or two. We learnt from the Globalisation of corporations that we must GLOBALISE RESISTANCE. The beaurocrats are trying to choke us with their spying, smother us with their beaurocracy, flip it back at ’em. Globalise every fucking thing.

Basically the problems that we have are caused by two things; Ignorance and Inequality. In fact you can put ignorance down as just another form of inequality actually since it’s basically there because of disparities in quality of education. And what we need to do? Get rid of our stupid nationalism.

Now let me make things clear, I said get rid of our stupid nationalism. I don’t mean the bits where you are proud of identifying with a community, I don’t mean national characteristics, what I mean is the stupid bits. The bits that say we shouldn’t give food or aid or money to another country because they are another country. The bits that say the food mountain in Europe can’t feed the starving in Africa. You want us to succumb and be a part of mindless beaurocratic Europe, to submerge our national government. Well fine. Government is not national identity, I will not loose the community I belong to because the beaurocratic strings span from Brussels outwards. Take my taxes Europe, and end the poverty of Eastern Europe.

We are not citizens of anything but the world. Globalise fucking everything. Every child should be able to read, not just in England or America or Sweden (where they can all read anyway) but EVERYWHERE. What should we do? Try to make a difference. Send the letters, spend the money, spend the time. Everyone should go and work in some ‘poverty stricken’ area of the world and aim to make it just as equal as home. I don’t want to export culture, fuck the MacDonalds logo everywhere. I want to export wealth.

Welfare State? Welfare Globe. Everyone should have enough to eat. Everyone should be educated to read, write, do maths, have safe sex (no I don’t care what the Pope or any other religious figures say have you seen the HIV problem in Africa?) and know at least one foreign language (even Americans, no English is not enough if even the British Education system could figure that out then you can!).

We are not who we imagine ourselves to be. We are brothers and sisters to the world and you cannot declare war because you fucked up. This entry needs polishing when I am less tired. I have an idea here and it may be better than my Tim Leary inspired one…or maybe I should sod the lot of you and put LSD in the drinking water anyway.

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